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Down Payment Resource

The important link: http://www.workforce-resource.com/

(This info was taken from Inman News:http://www.inman.com/buyers-sellers/columnists/berniceross/5-tech-tools-give-real-estate-agents-edge)

” Down Payment Resource

Lack of a down payment is the No. 1 obstacle to homeownership. Down Payment Resource (DPR), an Inman Innovator of the Year winner, provides buyers with access to scores of government-funded down payment assistance programs outside of FHA while working hand-in-hand with local multiple listing services. DPR displays an icon on each MLS listing indicating whether the property qualifies for down payment assistance. The system works by linking to local agencies that provide these services and then distributing this information through the MLS.

The system also allows buyers to become prequalified anonymously by completing a simple online form consisting of eight questions. Once the buyer completes the form, DPR will tell them whether they qualify for down payment assistance and then offers to connect them with a Realtor and lender in their area. The links to the assistance programs are available on the MLS IDX feed and can be posted on the brokerage or the agents’ sites as well.

DPR is a powerful tool that can open up new revenue streams for agents, brokers and lenders by helping previously untapped pools of buyers qualify for loans.”

Just in case you didn’t know it existed.



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