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How Real Estate Blogging Helps You get Leads.

This is taken form the article you can find at the link below:

“The formula is simple, and for our regular readers a dead horse well flogged: 

The more you publish, the more you are spidered by the search engines for your content.
The more you are spidered, the more you appear in the search result pages.
The more you appear the more often you are chosen by those preforming the search.
The more visits to your content, the more you are read.
The more you are read, the more your audience comes to trust you as an expert.
The more you are trusted the more relationships you create.
The more relationships you have the more business you generate from your efforts.”








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This is a blog for the agents at Coldwell Banker Shook hosted by Marketing Director Adrienne Kizer. This is where you can find all the information I collect that I think could be useful to our agents. I'll be posting everything here. So it's easy to find and readily available!

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