For anyone who happens to wander across this page who is not a Coldwell Banker Shook agent and who doesn’t know my roll within our great company. I AM NOT A REAL ESTATE EXPERT.  I am offering information that I come across on the web from other people, mixed with my own advice. I am a Marketing Director & Graphic Designer, and my knowledge base comes from these avenues as well as a great appreciation for all things and a unquenchable thirst to learn about all that I can.  So I do a lot of research, I read a lot, I pay attention. I compile all the information I devour and bundle up the important stuff all neat and tidy right here for those who are interested.

Take it with a grain of salt if you please, because but it is not gospel. 😉




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5th & Main

The Shook Agency on a summer afternoon.

What this Blog is:

This is a blog for the agents at Coldwell Banker Shook hosted by Marketing Director Adrienne Kizer. This is where you can find all the information I collect that I think could be useful to our agents. I'll be posting everything here. So it's easy to find and readily available!

The Shook Agency Twitter Feed

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  • Last night we had the annual Shook Holiday Party at Walt's Pub and Grill. Such a wonderful evening to relax with... fb.me/9vgkom46k 3 months ago
  • Yesterday we had the first (and hopefully not last) Coldwell Banker Shook chili cook-off! Thanks to Pat for... fb.me/1lLrJHJyI 4 months ago
  • Today we celebrated all of our agents and staff with October birthdays. The highlight was the caramel apple bar. Yum! 4 months ago
  • We had a very important "meeting" in the parking lot this afternoon... 6 months ago
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